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Finished Basements

More homeowners are opting to stay put and upgrade their current home rather than buying a better or bigger home.

Typical upgrades to make your home more livable are room additions or remodeling outdated space. But, many homes have unfinished basements that offer a plethora of opportunities. If you’re sitting on top of such unused space turning it into livable space could pay you back a handsome return on your investment when the time comes to sell your home.

What could you possibly use your basement for? How about a home entertainment room with surround sound, a gym, a game room or a wine cellar/tasting room. The various ways you can utilize the basement are endless.

We aim to mirror the finish found throughout your current home in the lower level, including trim detail, textures, colors and material quality.

If the job is done right finishing a basement is the quickest and simplest way to achieve more livable space, not to mention the most cost effective. Contact us now for an estimate!

This client’s basement had low ceilings, so we actually dug-out the floor and re-poured it to make it deeper!

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